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Water Well Construction

About Water Well Construction

"What Coloradoans Need to Know About Water Well Construction" is a useful guide for home owners that provides information about about safe drinking water, a brief introduction to groundwater basics and the hydrologic cycle.  The document outlines steps to take to get a well permitted as well as items to consider regarding water well costs.

The following link is a document provided by the © American Ground Water Trust and the Colorado Water Well Contractors Association.

About Water Well Construction

How Wells Are Drilled

Municipal and private wells provide over half of the nation’s drinking water with more than 15 million homes in America having their own water well.  The link below provides a written summary of the well drilling process and a video that shows how wells are drilled. 

The following link is a document written and provided by © American Ground Water Trust.

How Wells Are Drilled


Water Well Construction Rules

The rules cover monitoring and observation holes/wells, well plugging, sealing, and abandonment, and pump or cistern installation and repair.
The rules apply to the following groups:
  • Private drillers
  • Private pump installers
  • Well construction and pump installation contractors
  • Any persons excluded from the licensing requirements detailed in Rules Section 37-91-102, 104(j) and (k)

These rules are a product of the State of Colorado, Office of the State Engineer, and State Board of Examiners of Water Well Construction and Pump Installation Contractors (Water Well Construction Rules) - 2 CCR 402-2, Effective Date January 1, 2005.

Water Well Construction Rules

Private Wells for Home Use

Over 200,000 permits for groundwater wells are currently issued in Colorado with approximately 11,000 new permits requested annually.  The water laws and management in Colorado are complex in addition to the uncertainty of groundwater quality.  Th link below answers some basic questions regarding private water wells for home water useage.

The following link is a document  provided by the Colorado State University Cooperative Extension, Water, Natural Resources Series (no. 6.700), "Private Wells for Home Use" by E. Marx, R. Waskom, and D. Wolfe.

Private Well for Home Use

The following link is a document provided by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), "Drinking Water from Household Wells".


Water Well Basics

The technology used to construct a water well has changed drastically over the years.  In the early rural settlement days, a water well may have been constructed by just digging out a hole in the ground by hand.  Today, water wells utilize modern drilling technology, take into account the geology in the area and take precautions to prevent contaminiation.  A basic introduction to the individual home water system and how a typical system works are presented in the video provided at the link below.  A transcript of the video is provided as a PDF link below. 

The transcript and video were provided by the © American Ground Water Trust.

Water Well Basics Video Transcript

Purchase Water Well Basics Video:  http://www.agwt.org/search/node/video