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Domestic Water Wells in Las Animas County, Colorado

This PowerPoint presentation provides an overview of some of the common problems and solutions for well owners particularly in Las Animas County, Colorado.  The goal of the presentation is to educate landowners on how to promote the longetivity of their water well.  Additional resources are also provided at the end of the presentation handout.

The PowerPoint presentation entitled "Domestic Water Wells in Las Animas County, Colorado (link provided below) was given by John Fontana, Geologist, PG, Colorado Water Well Contractors Association.  The presentation was sponsored by the Las Animas County Cattlemen's Association, Las Animas County Health Department, Pioneer Natural Resources USA, Inc., Trinidad & Las Animas County Chamber of Commerce, Trinidad State Junior College, and Vista GeoScience LLC.

Domestic Water Wells

The following videos (divided into 4 segments) provide an overview of common problems and common solutions for private domestic water wells in Las Animas County, Colorado.  The video is entitled "Domestic Water Wells in Las Animas County, Colorado, Common Problems, Common Solutions" and is presented by John Fontana, Professional Geologist, Vista GeoScience. 

Segment #1

Segment 1 covers private water well ownership.  This section discusses private domestic water well owners' investment, regulations and water well construction, and aquifer and well types.

Segment #2

Segement 2 provides a summary of common issues for water well owners including water quantity and quality issues and water well construction.

Segment #3

Segment 3 provides a summary for some common problems including ways to potentially improve yield (water quantity) and suggestions to avoid potential impacts.

Segment #4

Segment 4 provides a summary of possible solutions to water quality issues including testing and maintenance.  This segment also lists some additional resources and website links for more information on private domestic water wells.

Common Problems and Solutions

Water wells are an essential part of life in Colorado for irrigation, livestock watering, and indoor home use.  To promote longevity of a well, it is helpful to understand the problems that can occur, solutions and available resources to help solve issues, and how best to maintain your well.

Please refer to this link for Common Problems and Common Solutions for Water Wells in Las Animas County, Colorado.

Common Problems and Solutions

Landowner Water Well Evaluation and Decision Flow Chart

Many factors should be considered when evaluating and installing a water well.  This flow chart outlines some key points that were considered and information that was gathered during the well evaluation process for a well that was running dry when used and was producing methane.  A down-hole video and interviews with the well driller were used to determine how the well was completed, where the well screens were placed, and what formation the well was completed in. Water analysis, including isotope analysis, was used to determine if communication was present between various formations. 

The flow chart was provided by Vista GeoScience.

 Decision Flow Chart

Coal Desorption Video

In 2009, WellDog was the first to publish a video of gas desorption from simulated coal, shale, and sandstone reservoirs.  This video is a useful resource to help understand how methane is produced from these reservoirs.  This methane can be formed naturally by bacteria in the rock and/or by the earth's warmth cooking the methane out.  WellDog offers services to the unconventional oil and gas, mining and alternative energy sectors by providing innovative technologies. 

The PRB Descorption Video was provided by WellDog and John M. Pope, Ph.D and President & CEO of GST-WellDog.  The video is also posted on WellDog's website at www.welldog.com/reservoir-laboratory-simulations.