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Gasland Documentary

The documentary Gasland has attracted wide attention.  Among other things, it alleges that the hydraulic fracturing of oil and gas wells has contaminated nearby water wells with methane in a number of states including Colorado.  Because an informed public debate on hydraulic fracturing depends on accurate information, the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) would like to correct several errors in the film’s portrayal of the Colorado incidents.  The COGCC document on the Gasland film can be found HERE.

How Well Do You Know Your Water Well?

Groundwater and Water Wells in Southwest Colorado

Due to the rural nature of much of southwest Colorado, individual domestic water wells are a way of life for many of us.  The following informative booklet has been prepared as a reference guide for water well owners throughout the region.  In it you will find basic information concerning the groundwater supplied to you from your private water well.  It includes information concerning:

  • the occurrence of groundwater and different types of aquifers
  • how aquifer replenishment and the use of groundwater affect the amount and quality of water available to you
  • water well permitting and water testing
  • contamination sources and protecting your well
  • typical components of a water well and distribution system
  • water quality standard and interpretation of test results
  • information concerning well maintenance and disinfection

Also included are some handy tools such as a water well troubleshooting guide, a water treatment decision guide, and links to helpful Internet web sites that deal with local water issues.

Finally, the guide also contains contact information for various government agencies that can help answer questions this document cannot cover.  People at these agencies have a great deal of very specific information about water and wells.  They can also help you investigate and resolve problems or concerns that you may have about your water well.

Southwest Colorado Water Wells Booklet